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Note From State Referee Kevin Locklear

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To all,

Now that the SC state meet roster is full, it might be a good time to address some things for the new to USAPL lifter. With the rise in popularity of raw powerlifting, it has become somewhat of a challenge just to make the meet roster. A two platform meet is a rather large undertaking, considering the people who run these meets volunteer their time. If you didn’t make the roster, come out anyway. You may be able to help, and in doing so, you will be helping promote USAPL in South Carolina. Remember, every pound that is lifted on meet day, is first lifted by a loader or spotter.

To our new lifters, when you step on that platform, you will more than likely lift just as you train. Now, it’s probably safe to assume that you have trained hard, and that you have expectations of your performance. Please, don’t cheat yourself by not listening to the commands of the lift, or cutting your squat short. If you start before the “start” command in the bench, or “squat” command in the squat, it’s a no lift. Whether you move the weight or not, if you miss any of the commands of the lift, it will be a no lift.

In these last few weeks, get your training partners and or coaches to call the lifts for you. In the bench, take the hand out and hold for a “start” command. Take the bar to your chest, hold it motionless and get a “press” command. Hold it at the lockout and get a “rack” command. In the squat, walk it out and set it up quick. The head judge is watching the side judges to signal that you are set, steady, and have control of the weight. The longer you take to set up, the longer it will take to get the “squat” command. When you get the squat command, you have to descend until the upper most part of your thigh at the hip, goes below the top of the knee. The side judges will be looking at your hip crease and drawing a line to the top of the knee. Once it has gone below, you have broken parallel. Nothing more is needed, and nothing less will be acceptable. If you are squatting high in training, you will more than likely squat high when you hit the platform. This is where your training partners really need to be honest with you, and you with yourself. Parallel, is not acceptable depth in USAPL!

Use these last couple of weeks to make yourself technically sound and know, that when you step on that platform and make your attempt, that you have made it in one of the most respected powerlifting federations out there. Good luck to all, train hard, and we will see you on the platform!




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After talking with Jennifer Thompson, State Chair for NC, we have decided to implement the following new policy for our States of North and South Carolina:

Starting with the SC State Championship this coming December, those lifters who volunteer to spot and load at one of our meets held in the Caroilnas will be allowed to lift in a future USAPL NC or SC event for free.  This will be limited to one division in either full power or bench only and only in our States.  Please contact Jon Mouzon or Jennifer Thompson for more information.  We are still in need for spotters and loaders at our upcoming SC State meet so give me a call at 864-844-0083 if you want to be included.

Jon Mouzon - USAPL SC State Chair

Last Updated on Monday, 17 November 2014 21:52

State Meet 2014 update

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From the meet director:
"The roster for the State meet (Dec 13) is posted at There are 20 spots left and I anticipate the roster being full by mid November. We have some big lifters and 13 woman lifters. Also a lot of new SC lifters which is great to see!
Congratulations to SC lifters at the recent GA State Championships (October 25/26) who did SC proud. Heather Faas, Keith McHoney, Brian Mason, Keane Steele, Justin Shepherd and Mike Price took 5 golds, 3 silvers, best male lifter (Keith), 3rd best male lifter (Justin) and broke 3 American Records and 13 SC Records. There were 227 lifters on the roster with some world class lifters so there was fierce competition for medals and awards. SC Strong!"


State Meet Is Full

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From the meet director:

""The USAPL SC State Championship roster is full, and I have started an Alternate roster to replace cancellations. The roster is posted at

There are 16 women and 13 teens on the roster. The youngest lifter is 8 years old and the oldest 81. The weigh in for this meet will be in kilos to prepare for the 2015 change to National Weight classes in all USAPL meets. See the June 29, 2014 update from Jon Mouzon below, which gives more detail on the kilo classes.
Good luck to all lifters.
A correction to my last update (November 1, 2014): 
I incorrectly posted Brian Mason as a SC lifter but he is registered as a GA lifter. Thus the records for 220 Raw Open remain as in the existing records - squat 529 (Scott McDowell), bench 385 (Brian Mason*), deadlift 600.7 (Steve Yeargin), total 1449 (Scott McDowell).
*Brian was registered in SC in 2013.
I apologize for this error to all of you and Brian Mason. 
Brian beat all his PRs at the GA State Meet."
Last Updated on Tuesday, 11 November 2014 15:09

2014 State Meet update

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2014 SC State Championships update from meet director W. Barry Rickards:

The 2014 USAPL South Carolina State Championship will take place Saturday December 13th, 2014 – with early equipment check on Friday evening between 7 and 8pm. This year it will be held at the YMCA Fort Mill, SC 29708, just off 77 about 15 miles from Charlotte. The Battle on the Border was held at this venue in 2012.

There are plenty of hotels and good restaurants close to the venue.

The YMCA is a great venue and we will have 2 platforms at the meet.

Start planning your training now. To qualify for a free Meet T shirt you must register beforeNovember 10th.

No entries will be taken after December 7th OR the first 75 lifters registered. Last year the roster was full 5 weeks before the meet.

We have a Meet website set up, which you can find at You can link to the SCUSAPL Facebook page from this web page (top right).

I will keep this website updated with a Meet Roster as entries are received.

Note that we will be using the new 2015 USAPL Kilogram Weight Classes.

For any questions, please call me at 843-509-0115 (cell) or e mail me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

We are always short of spotter/loaders at State Meets, so if you are not lifting or are new to powerlifting, please volunteer for one of these positions. It is a great way to learn and observe experienced lifters close up. We cannot hold meets without spotters/loaders.

Last year we had a very successful meet with several American records set and at least 30 State records set.

Place this meet on your calendars and let’s put our State Powerlifting on the map again!

Note for your training schedule that GA State Champs is being held on October 25/26, 2014 in Norcrosse, GA, and there is a NC USAPL meet held on November 1, 2014, in Cary, NC. (Fall Festival of Power).


The USAPL Raw Nationals were held in Colorado earlier this month.

Congratulations to our 4 SC lifters:

· Keith McHoney who won Gold in the Open 66kg (145lb).

· Regina Hackney who won Gold in the m4b (75-79) 84kg (185lb).

· Donny Bigham who won Gold in the m1a (40-44) 93kg (205lb)

· Scott Gardner who came 9th in a World Class 120kg+ (265lb) Open division with 16 lifters.

Keith and Regina set several American records and Donny and Scott beat their PR’s handily.

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